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A sound bath is quite literally as it sounds, a peaceful moment to bathe your Aura, Mind, Body, Spirit in the healing frequencies of music and sound. A tune up for your vibrational being. A deep drop in meditation to clear mind chatter, rest in deep breath, open up energetic pathways, release pent up emotions, and enjoy being serenaded.

I will guide you into a meditation and play a 40 minute live set filled with acoustic instruments, vocal toning, and pre recorded sound tracks.

We will end each session with a Sacred Wooomb Herbal Elixir.

1 hour Private Session: $150 per person (max 2 people)

Opening herbal tea infusion and intention setting for session.

Sonic immersion, energy and work body, aromatherapy.

Intuitive guidances channeled through after session.

Please fill out registration form

& you will be contacted to confirm your 

chosen date and time. 

All sessions must be booked
48 hours in ADVANCE.

Bookings for large groups and events welcome. 

Please email

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